What is a Photo Pursuit?

First of all it is not a race but a challenge to take memorable digital photographs from your boat. This is a great event whether you have been cruising Penboscot Bay for years or are just visiting the area during your summer cruise.

The primary challenge of Friday’s Photo Pursuit will be to take fine pictures of each other's yachts while underway and framed by worthy local scenery like Owl's Head Light, with the bonus being that everyone should end up with shots of their own boat. Other photo opportunities on Friday will be the action around the LifeFlight of Maine demonstration, the sailboat race starts and the remarkable variety of working waterfront subjects to be found in the nooks and crannies of Rockland Harbor.


Saturday’s course will include more powerboat photography, this time at speed, as the fleet crosses the Bay to the Vinalhaven and North Haven area. "Picturesque" may be an over used word, but not for this spot. By mid-Saturday afternoon, the powerboat fleet will be settled in Camden and ready for their own tour of Wayfarer Marine.


Each afternoon, contestants will download their best images with a team of Photo Pursuit Techies who will create a slide show of the day’s images. Well-known marine photographers Billy Black of Newport, as well as Lincolnville's Joseph Corrado and others, will choose the top three photographers for Sunday’s Awards Ceremony.
Black and Corrado are planning to attend the entire event giving the Rendezvous’ participants and photography enthusiasts a great opportunity to get feedback from some real pros.


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