NOR for the 2014 Penobscot Bay Rendezvous August 14-17 will be posted shortly! In the meantime, you can scroll down and check out the 2013 NOR...


We aim to make this event as accomodating as possible to all levels of experience and intensity. We encourage the seasoned as well as the novice. We will be sure to place you in the correct class to ensure and fun and competitive time for all!

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2013 Penobscot Bay Rendezvous - Sailboat Fleet NOR

Presented by: Lyman Morse & Wayfarer Marine
Notice of Race and Conditions
August 15-18, 2013
The $390 registration fee covers the following for two people:
- Boat registration for three days of on the water racing or power boat activities
- Thursday night's Opening Night barbecue and fireworks at Lyman-Morse - open beer and wine bar
- Transportation to and from the dinner from Rockland Harbor
-Friday Night Crew Party
-Saturday night Surf and Turf dinner dance at Wayfarer Marine - open bar
-Sunday afternoon Awards Ceremony at Wayfarer Marine
Extra guests aboard your boat are $180 each and include all of the above.
Single-handed racing ticket is $250 and includes all of the above for one sailor.
Mooring and slip fees are extra please scroll down this page for services.
A limited number of Sail Only Tickets will be offered for $180 per boat for those that are only interested in racing or the power boat events.

General Information and Eligibility Rules

The sailing regatta will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS 2009-2013), US Sailing Prescriptions, and class rules governing one design yachts.
The sailboat races are open to all yachts that have a valid Bucket Rating, 2013 PHRF-NE certificate, NEMA  certificate or that conform to one design class rules.  Boats without a valid PHRF-NE certificate can obtain a provisional 7 day handicap certificate from GMORA.  For information about obtaining a provisional certificate, contact Dr. Charles Hawley, PHRF-NE Handicapper for the Gulf of Maine Fleet, at (207) 633-2774 or
The sailing fleet will be divided as follows: SuperYacht, PHRF Racing Divisions, PHRF Cruising Division, PHRF DH/SH Division, Multihull division and One Design Divisions.
All sailing yachts must meet Category 5 (Appendix J) of the ISAF OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS.
DH/SH yachts must also meet Category 4 (Appendix J) of the ISAF OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS.  RRS 52 will be waived for Doublehanded/Singlehanded Division for purposes of allowing self-steering during sail changes.
There will be Multihull, One Design Division and Cruising Division racing on Friday Saturday and Sunday August 16-18, 2013
There will be SuperYacht and PHRF Racing Division racing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 16-18, 2013.
It will be the owner's responsibility to see that his/her yacht is sound, seaworthy, and safely equipped.       
RRS Part 1 Fundamental Rule 4 states, “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.”  

Classes and Handicapping


I. The PHRF Division will be open to qualifying monohull yachts with valid or provisional 2013 PHRF-NE racing handicap certificates.  Rated yachts will be sailed according to the following breaks.
i. Division 1. PHRF less than 44.  
ii. Division 2. PHRF 45 to 93
iii. Division 3. PHRF 94 to 141
iv. Division 4.   PHRF 142 and up.
II. Alternative division breaks will be made at the discretion of the race committee and will be announced on the event bulletin board and at the skippers meeting.   
III. The Cruising Division will be open to any yacht with valid or provisional 2013 PHRF handicap certificate. No spinnaker are allowed in the Cruising Division.
IV. The Doublehand/Singlehand Division will be open to shorthanded yachts with valid 2013 PHRF-NE certificates.
V. The Mulithull Division will be open to any yacht with valid 2013 NEMA certificate.
VI. The One Design Division will be open to one design yachts if three(3) or more boats of a given class register to race.  One Design yachts <30 feet LWL (J-22, J-24, Etchells) must conform to hull, rig, sail, and crew configurations as prescribed by national or regional class associations. 
One design classes that fail to muster the required 3 yachts for one design racing will be assigned to an appropriate PHRF Division Class. Other decisions concerning the One Design Division will be announced on the Official Bulletin Board and at the Skipper's Meeting.
VII. The Super Yacht Division will be open to any yacht over 70' LOA with a valid "Bucket Rating". To obtain a Bucket Rating Contact Jim Teeter at Teeter Yacht Tech


Sailboat racing will be on a variety of windward-leeward and/or “around the buoys” courses set in Western Penobscot Bay.  Courses will be posted on the Race Committee Boat prior to each start.  The location of the starting line will be announced on regatta bulletin boards at L/M and Wayfarer and at the skipper's meetings on Thursday, 15 August 2013 at 1730pm.
The PHRF fleet will sail; one race around navigational buoys on Friday (20 + miles conditions permitting) two buoy races on Saturday, one windward/leeward race on Sunday, and one race around navigational buoys race on Sunday.   
The Cruising and DH/SH Divisions will sail one each race day.
The One Design Divisions will sail two or more races each race day.  
The Mulithull Division will sail one longer distance race on each day.
The Super Yacht Division will sail one race each day.
On race days, the Race Committee will use Channel 72 to contact the fleet.

Schedule of Events - Sailboat Fleet
Thursday, 15 August 2013 – Lyman Morse Boatbuilding



Bus departs Rockland Harbor Masters Office for Lyman-Morse

Registration Opens, Lyman-Morse Thomaston

1730 Skippers' Meeting



Cocktails, Dinners and Fireworks at Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding

Bus Departs for Rockland Harbor Masters Office

Friday, 16 August 2013 Rockland Breakwater



1700-1900 Post-Race Festivities - Wayfarer Marine
Saturday, 17 August 2013 – Wayfarer Marine
1200 Start
1800-2300 Cocktails and Dinner Dance, Wayfarer Marine
Sunday, 18 August 2013 – Wayfarer Marine
  Yard Tours
1200 Start
1600 Presentation of Awards


On-Shore Festivities 15-18 August 2013

Consult for information on registration and all on-shore festivities.
N.B  For all festivities, the Officers and Directors and the management of Penobscot Bay Rendezvous, LM and WMC request that all skippers be responsible and assure that under age consumption of alcoholic beverages does not occur during the Penobscot Bay Rendezvous.  

Prizes and Awards

In divisions with 6 or more entries, regatta prizes will be given to First, Second, and Third place yachts in each PHRF division, the Cruising division, the DH/SH division, each One Design class, and the SuperYacht division.  First and Second place prizes will be awarded to classes/divisions with 3 to 5 entries.


Moorings and Launch Service


Rockland Harbor Launch Service
Rockland Yacht Club Launch Service - Channel 9 and at 233-2800,
Small Boat – Two Toots – 207-594-2891
Large Boat – M/V Rendezvous – 207-594-4829
Camden Harbor Launch Service
Wayfarer Marine -  207-236-4378 Channel 71
Rockland Moorings and Slips
The Apprenticeshop - 207-594-1800
Knight Marine -207-594-4068 
Ocean Pursuit - 207-596-7357
Beggar’s Wharf- 207-691-3483
Johanson Boatworks – 207-596-7060
Journey’s End – 207-594-4444
Landings Marina – 207-596-6573
City of Rockland (no reservations) 207-594-0312 Channel 16 or 9
Trident Yacht Basin - 207-596-0082
Camden Moorings

Wayfarer Marine -  207-236-4378 - Channel 71
N.B. The Directors of the Penobscot Bay Rendezvous, Lyman Morse and Wayfarer Marine shall not be liable for any damage to property or injury to persons in any way resulting from or connected with this Rendezvous.

Entry Fees

Completed entry forms for the Penobscot Bay Rendezvous, entry fees, waiver forms, crew lists, and valid rating certificates must be received by the Race Committee by Thursday, August 15 at 3pm.  Electronic early registration is encouraged. The entry fees are as follows:

$390 per boat (includes events for the weekend for 2 – does not include dockage or mooring fees)

  • $180 Sail Only  racing ticket

$250 Single-Handed Racing ticket includes racing and parties for one sailor.

$180 supplement per extra person includes all events



Alternatively, you may send your entry form, racing fee, waiver form and valid rating certificate to:
Marnie Read
Penobscot Bay Rendezvous
c/o Wayfarer Marine
59 Sea Street
Camden, Maine 04843
Questions about PBR? Call Marnie at 207-266-9381 or email her at: